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ryan in 1st place after sp!!!

from us figureskating:

Senior Men's Short Program
Ryan Bradley (University of Colorado at Colorado Springs) put out an excellent performance in the senior men's short program Thursday evening, despite a very unexpected challenge. On the way to Anaheim, the airline lost his skate bag...and was never able to find it. In order to compete, Bradley had his mother overnight him an old pair of skates.

“I hadn't worn that pair since U.S. Championships, and I didn't know what condition they'd be in,” Bradley said. “On the first session this morning, they didn't feel good, so I found a rink to practice on, and they felt a little better. By warm-up, they were feeling okay.”

Watching Bradley compete, you could hardly tell that there was a problem. Bradley hit a solid triple flip-triple toe combination and a triple Lutz. His spins and step sequences were also well rewarded, and his only mistake was doubling an intended triple Axel.

“It wasn't bad,” said Bradley. “I've had a rough time in the program before, and I had a good skate. I couldn't have asked for more under the circumstances.”

Bradley holds the lead with 65.65 points.

full article and results here.

all that and he still skated excellently!!! as of now the mens free skate is over and done with. will probably have to wait until tomorrow for the final results. fingers still crossed for ryan!
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